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Past, Present and Future

Since it's formation in 1976, McDougall & Sons, Inc. has focused its attention on maintaining profitability for its grower base. In order to accomplish this goal, we knew that it would require a loyal and experienced group of employees, a marketing organization that could generate excellent returns, efficient storage and packing facilities, and varieties that would demand a premium price.


In 1989, McDougall & Sons, Inc. entered into a partnership that became Columbia Marketing International (CMI); through the years this sales and marketing organization has been a recognized leader in the fruit industry. CMI continues to work closely with domestic retailers to develop sales plans that are beneficial for the customer and the grower. Our export group has also been recognized as a leader in international markets.


McDougall & Sons, Inc. currently operates packing facilities that are modern and efficient. We own or are partners in five packing lines, which gives us the option to presize or commit to pack all varieties of apples and cherries. We have the capacity to produce over 5 million packages a year.

McDougall & Sons, Inc. has realized that fruit quality and varietal mix are key to sustained profitability. We have been aggressive in orchard development and orchard renewal. We have acquired exclusive varieties such as Ambrosia and Jazz with the idea of differentiating ourselves from others in the industry and generating, in turn, greater profitability for our growers and ourselves. That diversity has led to better returns in all varieties, and attracted positive feed back from the retail sector.

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